Banquet Ticket Prices:

  • Adult Banquet Tickets ($70/ticket)
  • Youth Banquet Tickets ($45/ticket)

Spectator Ticket Prices:

  • Adult Spectator, ALL WEEKEND ($40/ticket)
  • Youth Spectator, ALL WEEKEND ($20/ticket)
  • Adult Spectator, Saturday Daytime Only ($15/ticket)
  • Youth Spectator, Saturday Daytime Only ($7.50/ticket)
  • Adult Spectator, Saturday Nighttime/Demo ($25/ticket)
  • Youth Spectator, Saturday Nighttime/Demo ($12.50/ticket)
  • Adult Spectator, Sunday Events ($15/ticket)
  • Youth Spectator, Sunday Events ($7.50/ticket)

Please review the notes below that explain the details on ticket purchases.

  • Competitors are NOT required to purchase spectator tickets. You will pick up your tickets/wristbands at the Registration Desk at the tournament site.
  • The tickets/wristbands will be held under the buyer’s name and WILL NOT be mailed.
  • To redeem your tickets/wristbands you MUST present a copy of your paypal email receipt.
  • Adult Spectator Wristbands are needed for anyone 12 and over. Youth Spectator Wristbands are needed for children 5-11.
  • Children UNDER 5 are free as spectators, but MUST be accompanied by a parent.
  • At the Hall of Fame Banquet, all children under 12 requiring a seat MUST have a Youth Banquet Ticket.
  • Hall of Fame Banquet Tickets are LIMITED so purchase tickets early!
  • There is NO discount for buying higher quantities of tickets!