Specially recognized by the USKSF President, the Kuo Shu Contributor award is given to the person(s) who has consistently helped to promote the Chinese martial arts for over 10 years. Recipients are listed below:

July 28, 2002

Mrs. May Law

Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek


July 31, 2005

Mr. Tsiwen M. Law

Dr. Wayne Hunt


July 23, 2006

Shi Fu Jeffrey Zukor


July 29, 2007

Mr. Ernest G. Lee


July 27, 2008

Shi Fu Diane Spoor


July 25, 2010

Shi Fu Jonathan Pett Miller


July 29, 2012

Dr. Arthur Panella


July 26, 2015

Shi Fu Michael Pilachowski


July 31, 2016

Master Stephen Clark


July 25, 2021

Shi Fu Ken Saunders


July 30, 2023

Mrs. Alyssa Bryan


We thank and appreciate the following people for their continued support of the USKSF.

Private Support:

Joe Dunphy

Steven Friedman

John Green

Dr. Wayne Hunt

Tsiwen M. Law

May Law

Ernest G. Lee

Dr. Arthur Panella

Michael Pilachowski

Kevin Preston

Norma Saunders

Dr. Ralph Semmel

Richard Wheatley

And the numerous volunteers who donated their time and efforts to the Federation.