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Lei Tai


Registration and competition Requirements for Lei Tai (Full Contact Fighting)


Lei Tai Fighter Info

Information for Lei Tai Fighters (PDF)


Lei Tai Registration Requirements


Lei Tai Timeline

The following schedule is provided for Lei Tai competitors and coaches so that they may
better plan for their participation in the Lei Tai full contact event at the USKSF
Other events and activities during the tournament weekend will proceed on different
schedules: this timeline specifically addresses the Lei Tai full contact fighting event.
The Lei Tai Event Timeline is tentative but is based on actual schedules from prior years.
The tournament organizers reserve the right to modify this schedule at any time prior to, or
during, the tournament.

Friday, The day of Weigh In

2:00 pm: Lei Tai weigh-in and registration opens.
All Lei Tai competitors must complete on-site registration, with all required
materials, prior to 8:30pm. Plan on arriving at the tournament site sufficiently
early to complete registration before Lei Tai registration closes.
8:30 pm: Lei Tai weigh-in and registration closes.
9:00 pm: Lei Tai rules meeting for competitor and coaches.
All Lei Tai competitors and coaches must attend the meeting. Tournament
officials and referees will review rules and procedures for the Lei Tai event
10:00 pm: Lei Tai rules meeting ends.

Saturday, The day of Opening Ceremonies

10:30 am: Lei Tai fight order review opens.
Coaches or Lei Tai competitor representatives may review the tentative fight
order and match pairings. Tournament officials and referees will be available to
address any concerns or correct any errors.
11:00 am: Lei Tai fight order review closes.
Tournament officials will finalize the fight order and pairings in preparation for
the beginning of competition.
12:30 pm: Lei Tai competitors in early rounds of competition should report to the Lei Tai
prep area.
1:30 pm: Lei Tai event competition begins in the Hunt Valley Ballroom.
Afternoon session applicable only for elimination rounds.
6:00 pm: Lei Tai event competition breaks for one hour.
Tournament activities to resume at 7:00 pm.
6:30 pm: Lei Tai competitors in later rounds of competition should report to the Lei Tai
prep area.
7:00 pm: Presentation of awards by USKSF officials to Federation members and
7:15 pm: Lei Tai competition resumes in Hunt Valley Ballroom.
Masters demonstration. Lei Tai competition breaks for 30 minutes.
9:00 pm: Lei Tai competition resumes.
9:30 pm: Lei Tai competition concludes for the evening.
12:00 am: All rounds for the event – including final matches for each weight division –
should be concluded prior to 12:00 am. If necessary, Lei Tai competition will
resume on Sunday.

Sunday, The day of Closing Ceremonies

3:30 pm: Lei Tai competitors placing 1st through 4th in each weight division MUST report to the Hunt Valley Ballroom prep area. Competitors will be arranged in order for the awards ceremony. Competitors must wear performance uniform or school uniform (no street clothing) in order to accept medals on the awards platform.
4:00 pm: Closing ceremonies – including awards presentation to Lei Tai champions.
Competitors will be individually called to the Lei Tai platform to receive their
medals. At the end of the award presentation, all Lei Tai competitors, coaches,
referees and tournament officials will take a group photo.


Weight Classes



Middle C:

Middle B:

Middle A:

Heavy C:

Heavy B:

Heavy A:

Super Heavy:


under 60kg

60.1 – 65kg

65.1 – 70kg

70.1 – 75kg

75.1 – 80kg

80.1 – 86kg

86.1- 92kg

92.1 – 98kg

over 98.1kg



Middle B:

Middle A:

Heavy B:

Heavy A:


under 55kg

55.1 – 60kg

60.1 – 65kg

65.1 – 71kg

71.1 – 77kg

over 77.1kg

*Tournament organizers reserve the right to combine weight classes.


Lei Tai Competition Rules

  1. Contestants will fight on a 24 square foot, two and one half foot high Lei Tai.
  2. Competitors must use headgear, gloves, mouthpiece, and groin cup. Female competitors may also wear a chest protector.
  3. Elimination rounds will be 1 1/2 minutes each. The final fight in each division will have 2 minute rounds. The victor must win two out of three rounds.
  4. Scoring:
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick – 1 point.
    • Contestant executes clear punch or kick that knocks opponent down – 2 points.
    • Without falling, contestant successfully throws opponent to the ground – 2 points.
    • Both falling during throw, contestant who lands on top – 1 point.
    • Contestant forces or throws opponent off Lei Tai – 3 points.
    • Through own error, contestant loses balance – 1 point deduction.
    • Contestant executes clear elbow/knee technique without holding – 1 point.
  5. Penalties:
    • Contact to the eyes, throat, back of the head, or groin is illegal. For female competitors, contact to the chest is also illegal.
    • Techniques using the head are illegal.
    • Fouls:
      • First violation: 1 point deduction
      • Second violation: 3 point deduction
      • Third violation: disqualification
    • Technical Fouls:
      • First violation: warning
      • Second violation: 1 point deduction
      • Third violation: disqualification
    • Any serious foul will be grounds for immediate disqualification.
  • Competitors who maliciously hurt their opponents will be held liable for any damages or
    injuries. The executive referee has full authority to stop the fight at any time for safety or
    any other reason.
  • All rules are in accordance with The World Kuoshu Federation Rules.
  • Any coach disputing the results of a match and wishing to have arbitration of a match for
    any reason must notify the chief referee verbally within 15 minutes of the match. The team
    coach must then file a written request for arbitration along with a $300 arbitration fee to the
    tournament director within 30 minutes. If the arbitration is settled in favor of the arbitrating
    team, the fighter shall receive a refund of the arbitration fee; otherwise, no refund will be

Please note: ALL Lei Tai fighters must check in before 8:00 PM Friday, the Day of Weigh In, and must attend the rules meeting. We will not have time to explain them during the tournament.

Click Here to Download the Lei Tai Registration Requirements PDF



Lei Tai Competition Requirements


All Kuo Shu Lei Tai full contact competitors and coaches should review the following information regarding equipment and medical requirements for the Kuo Shu Lei Tai full contact fighting events.To compete in a Kuo Shu Lei Tai event, competitors must comply with the following requirements:

  • Complete a Registration Form via online registration or paper form ( Click HERE to register online )no later than 1 week prior to Weigh-In.
  • Submit a Lei Tai Waiver Form.( Click here to download the Waiver ) You may submit the waiver in advance or at the official Weigh-In.
  • Comply with Documentation Requirements (see detailed below).
  • Comply with Medical Requirements (see detailed below).
  • Comply with Equipment Requirements (see detailed below).
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at

Tournament Officials reserve the right to exclude or remove any competitor from the Kuo Shu Lei Tai event

Lei Tai Documentation Requirements

Lei Tai competitors must provide the following documentation for review and acceptance. All Lei Tai competitors must also meet the Lei Tai Medical and Equipment requirements to be approved to fight.

Lei Tai competitors must be a minimum of 18 years of age on the day of Weigh In and less than 41 years of age at Closing Ceremonies. Lei Tai competitors are required to provide proof of age. Acceptable documentation includes the following:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

Lei Tai competitors must provide proof that they are covered by a current health care insurance policy. Acceptable documentation includes the following:

  • Health Care Insurance Card
  • Official letter from the provider documenting current coverage


Lei Tai Medical Requirements

Lei Tai competitors are required to complete a Lei Tai (Full Contact Fighting) Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire form as part of the registration process. We recommend that you print out a copy of these requirements and provide them to your medical doctor to ensure compliance. The Lei Tai (Full Contact Fighting) Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire (Click HERE to download the Questionnaire) form must conform to the following requirements:

  1. Health Questionnaire must be completed on 30 days prior to Weigh In or later.
  2. The form must be completed by a licensed medical doctor (MD) or equivalent, including a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, or a physician’s assistant. License must be current. We will not accept an evaluation form completed by acupuncturists, Oriental Medical Doctors (OMD), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors, dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractors, podiatrists, or other specialties that are not suited to evaluate fitness to compete in this event.
  3. You must have completed an HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and pregnancy test (for female competitors) no more than 30 days from the day of weigh in. To compete, Lei Tai competitors must test negative for all the tests listed above. Competitors who have had an immunization shot for Hepatitis B and/or C are not exempt from being tested for Hepatitis B and C.
  4. You must bring the completed medical form, in conformance with all of the above mentioned requirements, to the competition weigh-in/registration.
  5. A doctor’s note is not a substitute for the Pre-Participation Health Questionnaire form and will not be accepted.

In an effort to minimize the risk of serious injury associated with full contact fighting, the USKSF has adopted the following guidelines regarding Medical Disqualifications effective immediately. At the Fighter Check-In, you will be required to certify that you are not subject to Medical Disqualification.

The following shall constitute mandatory grounds for medical disqualification and the associated minimum durations:

  • Technical knockout (TKO)- 30 days disqualification from full contact competition
  • Knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO) with loss of consciousness (first occurrence) – 60 days disqualification.
  • Knockout (KO) or technical knockout (TKO) with loss of consciousness (second consecutive occurrence) – 120 days disqualification.

Consecutive occurrence refers to knockout or technical knockout with loss of consciousness in two consecutive bouts or tournaments regardless of period of time between events.

All competitors should also be advised that if it is later discovered that the competitor failed to disclose prior TKO or KO within the protocol time frame, the USKSF reserves the right to revoke any medals or awards. Disqualification from future sanctioned competition may also apply.


Lei Tai Equipment Requirements

Competitors are required to provide their own headgear, gloves, pants, groin cup and mouth guard. The USKSF will continue to provide shoes for the event.

All headgear and handgear must be brought to the Lei Tai weigh-in to be checked by tournament staff.

Headgear, gloves and pants must conform to the tournament requirements.

The following guidelines will apply to protective equipment to be used during Lei Tai competition. Headgear must be of the face cage style. The cage must be made of hard plastic and of single piece construction. Clear plastic cage or shield, and multiple piece construction are not satisfactory. Additional padding is not permitted.

Please refer to this example

Handgear must weigh at least 4 ounces (120 grams) and no more than 6 ounces (180 grams). The fingers and palm must be able to open, and padding must extend beyond the first knuckle on fingers and thumb.

Please refer to this example

The USKSF may have for sale (at the tournament site) new and used headgear and gloves, and new kung fu pants. Registered Lei Tai competitors will be able to purchase this equipment at a substantial discount from retail prices. Mouth guards and groin cups may also be available for sale at the tournament.

Competitors may bring their own headgear, gloves and/or pants, but such equipment must conform to the general specifications of the standard USKSF approved equipment. Competitors will not be permitted to use unapproved equipment in the Lei Tai event.

The USKSF may be selling “ProForce Headguard with Face Cage,” which is available through Asian World of Martial Arts. The USKSF will also be selling “Sun Protector” black gloves, which are available through Choi Brothers, Inc. Registered Lei Tai competitors have an opportunity at the tournament to purchase this headgear for $40 and these gloves for $20 per pair. We believe that the USKSF pricing for these items on sale at the tournament (for registered Lei Tai competitors) will be at or below the price of other vendors on the market, including those vendors listed above. These specific brands and models conform to the USKSF accepted equipment for Lei Tai competition.

The Lei Tai competitor’s uniform will consist of a colored shirt with black kung fu style pants. The USKSF will continue to provide two t-shirts (one yellow and one blue) to each registered Lei Tai competitor. We will not, however, provide the pants. We will ask competitors to bring their own pants or to purchase suitable pants at the tournament venue.

  • Acceptable pants will be black in color and will not feature any prominent logos, school names, or other graphics.
  • The material should be a lightweight cotton or poly/cotton blend.
  • Waistband should be elastic. Prefer elastic closures around ankles.
  • Sweatpants, heavy weight material, or pants with any form of padding are unacceptable.
  • Pants may not have any zippers, buckles, or metal closures.
  • The pants cannot be torn or damaged in any way. The USKSF will have a limited number of suitable pants for sale at the tournament venue. Lei Tai competitors will have the opportunity to purchase these pants at a slightly reduced price.
  • Competitors will be responsible for replacing their own pants, should their pants be damaged or torn during the competition. Therefore, we encourage each competitor or team to bring extra pants with them and have those pants available in their corner during each match.
  • A vendor who sells black kung fu pants that meets the above cited requirements is Jonie Uniforms, although there are other vendors that produce pants suitable for competition.
  • You may use your day-to-day school uniform pants, if those pants conform to the requirements above.

Since the USKSF will not be providing headgear, gloves and pants to competitors, we encourage each team to consider bringing spare equipment, in case a competitor’s gear is damaged during a Lei Tai match.

Chest protectors for female Lei Tai competitors will be provided. You may, but are not required, to bring your own chest protector.


Daily Schedule

Coming Soon for 2017: Click Here to Download US International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament Daily Schedule PDF

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