John Green is a 65th generation disciple of Tien ShanPai Grandmaster Huang, Chien-Liang.  He has studied the internal arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, and Baquazhang for over 20 years under the supervision of Grandmaster Huang.  Shifu Green has placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in empty hand forms, weapons forms, and pushing hands at national and international Chinese martial arts tournaments.  In 2006, he was awarded seven medals (4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) and the title of World Champion at the 2nd World Kuo Shu Championship Tournament, held in Singapore.  Master Green has received numerous awards and citations for martial arts excellence, including twice recognized as the U.S. Kuo Shu Federation (USKSF) Internal Arts Competitor of the Year (2002 and 2007) and Action Martial Arts Competitor of Year in 2006.  Master Green is a 6th degree Black Sash, a Certified Instructor ‘A’, and an Internationally Certified Level ‘A’ Referee under the standards of The World Kuo Shu Federation (TWKSF).  He has assisted in the organization of USKSF Tournaments since 1996, and has held various positions including Master of Ceremonies, Security Coordinator, Transportation Coordinator, Internal Floor Coordinator, and Assistant Tournament Director in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012-2014, and 2018.  He was the Tournament Director for the 2011, 2015 and 2016 USKSF International Kuo Shu Championship Tournaments.  In 2009, he also served as the Chief Judge for Taijiquan Form and Push Hands at the 3rd TWKSF World Tournament in Ulm, Germany. Master Green was the Assistant Tournament Director for the 6th TWKSF World Championship Tournament in Maryland, USA in 2018.  Currently, Master Green is the Secretary General for the USKSF.

Master Green has also been a member of several Tien Shan Pai demonstration teams supporting various charitable organizations including, the September 11th Relief Fund, St. Jude Children’s Research Center, The Children’s Home of Baltimore, and the Sparks of Change Foundation.  His efforts to promote Kuo Shu and Tien Shan Pai have been recognized by citations from Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, and Senator Barbara Mikulski.  Master Green also published the 40th Anniversary Book, Treasure of Kuo Shu, for his Shi Ye, Grandmaster Huang, in 2013.  Master Green is currently a Senior Instructor at Grandmaster Huang’s U.S. Kuo Shu Academy in Owings Mills, Maryland. (