The USKSF National Judge Certification Course (NJCC) provides a well-rounded understanding of the criteria used to judge internal and external forms and weapons, pushing hands, and light contact sparring as defined by The World Kuo Shu Federation (TWKSF). This course also provides an introduction to the rules and scoring of Lei Tai (Full Contact Fighting). Additionally, the USKSF National Judge Certification Program recognizes individuals who have received both instructional training and practical experience to perform the responsibilities of a Judge at Chinese Martial Arts competitions. Click here to view all USKSF Certification details.

Those who receive National Judge Certifications will be listed on the USKSF website and receive an official Certificate. The rules and judging criteria presented in this course are used at all USKSF sanctioned tournaments. This course contains approximately 8 hours of training and is offered annually at the US International Kuo Shu Championship Tournament. The training schedule is adjusted each year to allow applicants who travel the opportunity to complete the course; however, to receive certification, applicants must complete the training over two consecutive years if they cannot complete the training on the first year. Check the USKSF website for the current schedule.

Sessions for current year are below:

Virtual online training will be held on June 22nd. Check back here for more details soon.

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USKSF National Judge – Level B (expires 4 years from date of completion)

To achieve USKSF National Judge – Level B Certification, an applicant must complete the entire USKSF National Judge Certification Course (NJCC). Although the applicant will receive exposure to a wide variety of martial arts disciplines, the applicant should only accept judging assignments within his/her area of expertise. USKSF National Judge – Level A (no expiration) To achieve USKSF National Judge – Level A Certification, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Obtain National Judge – Level B Certification (defined above)
  • Obtain a minimum of 12 hours of Eligible Judging Experience (defined below)
  • Complete a review of the NJCC to insure proper understanding of the criteria use for judging of USKSF tournaments.

The applicant will receive a 50% discount on the review of the NJCC after obtaining the required judging experience. The judging experience and review of the NJCC must be completed prior to the expiration of the USKSF National Judge – Level B certification. Those with National Judge – Level A Certification are expected to stay up to date on current practices and judging requirements by periodically attending NJCC seminars at no cost.

Eligible Judging Experience Twelve (12) hours of Judging experience are required to obtain USKSF National Judge – Level A Certification. Applicants will automatically be recognized for hours judged at USKSF events provided they judge a minimum of 4 hours at a particular event. If an applicant judges at an event other than a USKSF event, they may receive credit for the experience by submitting information via email to including the tournament date, sponsor (with contact information for verification), events judged, and amount of time judged (4 hours minimum required per event).