Opening Ceremonies

Lion Entry

VIP Entry

VIP Entry

VIP Table

President Huang Speech

Trophy presented to Representative of U.S. President George W. Bush

Proclamation from Representative of MD Governor Martin O’Malley

Plaque presented to Representative of MD Governor Martin O’Malley

Proclamation from Representative of US Senator Barbara Mikulski

Plaque presented to Representative of US Senator Barbara Mikulski

Sword Presentation to Grandmaster Huang from Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek

Trophy Presentation from Grandmaster Huang to Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek

Lion Dance

Gift from GM Huang to Sifu Derek Johnson for outstanding Lion Dance performance

Tournament Judges

Competition Highlights

Men’s Staff

Youth Wushu Weapon

Youth 2-Person Set

Women’s Form

Men’s Straightsword

Tai Ji Straightsword

Women’s Yang Tai Ji Form

Youth Light Contact Fighting

Youth Wushu Form

Men’s Broadsword

Women’s weapon

Youth Wushu Weapon

Tai Ji Form

Youth Form

Nice Kick!

Women’s Form

Youth Form

Nice Kick!

Youth Form

Youth Form

Mass Attack

2-Person Set

Push Hands

Weapons Form

Youth Form

Light Contact Sparring

Nice Throw!

Women’s Push Hands

Mass Attack

Push Hands

Youth Weapons Free Fighting

Shuai Jiao

More Big Air!

Lei Tai Highlights

Catching a foot!

Down he goes!

5 points for off the Lei Tai!

Front Kick

Boot to the Head!

Nice Exchange

Going Horizontal!

Catch and Hit

The Count Begins!

Mixing it Up!

Points for Yellow Fighter

Ladies on the Lei Tai

Down but Not Out!

Heavy Weights in Battle!

2007 Lei Tai Referees

Masters Demo/Awards Highlights

Masters Demonstration

Master Liu Xiao Ling

President Huang Recognizes Master Liu Xiao Ling

Master John Ozuna

President Huang Recognizes Master John Ozuna

Master Calvin Chin

President Huang Recognizes Master Calvin Chin

Master Si Tan Chen

President Huang Recognizes Master Si Tan Chen

Weapon Fighting Demonstration

Recognition of USKSF Contributors

Ms. Emma Grenier

Master Joe Dunphy

Dr. Art Panella

Dr. Steve Friedman

Sifu John Green

Mr. & Mrs. Tsiewen Law

Ms. Susan Lyden

Dr. Wayne Hunt

Recognition of TWKSF Black Sash Ranking Achievements

Sifu John Green – 4th Degree

Jonathan Miller – 4th Degree

Ms. Michelle Sosa – 3rd Degree

Ms. Morgan Malone – 2nd Degree

Jeremy Harlow – 2nd Degree

Darious Howard – 1st Degree

Antonio Gansley-Ortiz

Hall of Fame Banquet Highlights

Swordswallower – Dai Andrews (Don’t try this at home)

Swallowing curved sword

Recognition of long time USKSF Supporter Mr. Ernest G. Lee (accepted by his son)

Ms. May Law introduces HOF Inductee

Presentation to 2007 HOF Inductee Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek

HOF Acceptance Speech

USKSF Hall of Fame Inductees

USKSF Advisor May Law with Grandmaster Jiang Jing Sung Baek

Let the Dancing Begin!

All Dressed up!

Slow Dancing, Swaying to the Music!

Everyone was ALL SMILES!

Hello Ladies!

You the Man, no, YOU THE MAN!

Yeah,… We are having FUN!

The kids danced all night!

President Huang and his wife and VIP Guests

Bye! See you NEXT YEAR!